cropped-191668_480078952055214_479063845_o.jpgThe Center for Science and Math Education Research at UPR was created with support from the National Science Foundation through its Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) Program. The Center’s goals ate to: support and strengthen science education research that is conducted at UPRRP and at participating K-12 schools, develop educational research skills in UPRRP faculty and teachers from K-12 schools, reinforce scientific and math content on K-12 teachers, and promote outreach of scientific projects to schools and the community through the schools.


Minnuette Rodriguez gana premios

Minnuette Rodriguez, una de nuestras Master Teacher de Ciencias fue seleccionada por la U.S. Environmental Protection Agency y el “White House Council on Environmental Quality” para recibir el premio Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators (2014-2015).