Amabel Soto

Using PBL to Improve Students’ Academic Achievement in the Concept of Volume

High School This article presents the implementation of a quasi-experimental study to conclude the effectiveness of the Project-Based Learning strategy to improve middle school students’ achievement in the concepts of volume. Students appreciated this experience and we observed an increase in achievement.
Marilyn Santiago PBL: Protecting the Environment and Learning about Volume Middle This work shows the effects of incorporating the PBL strategy when teaching about the topic of volume. The quasi-experimental study was carried out with middle school students whose results demonstrated that the use of this strategy significantly improved student learning.
Tomás Díaz The AGRO-STEM Education Strategy in the Learning of Exponential Functions in High School Students High School The purpose of the study is to present the educational experiences in scientific research using the exponential mathematical model to analyze variables. The approach was quantitative, with a sample of 21 in the pre-experimental design. The results demonstrated the comprehension of the exponential mathematical model application and its analysis in daily life situations.
Yamily Colón Learning About Volume Using PBL High School This article details a quasi-experimental study conducted in a high school using the Project Based Learning strategy. Its purpose was to document the effectiveness of the PBL strategy to increase the academic achievement of students in Math. The results showed that the project participants improved their achievement.
Osvaldo Parés

Sylvia Hernández

Solid Waste Management in Descriptive Statistics for High School Students Secondary This article details the purpose of a quasi-experimental study conducted to determine high school students’ understanding of descriptive statistics. The results demonstrated an improvement in their understanding of descriptive statistics through creating awareness on solid waste management.
Josiel Rosado The effect of implementing the problem based learning project “CAE” (Zero Bottled Water) in the middle school students’ understanding of mathematics. High School The purpose of this study is to identify, from the middle school students’ perspective, the effect of the problem based learning strategy has in their understanding of mathematical concepts such as correlation and dispersion diagrams.
Luis De Jesús “Zero waste Porject”: Organization and graphic’s representations. Middle The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of the “Zero Waste Project” which is based on the PBL strategy. The purpose of this Project was to improve the middle school students’ understanding of graph construction.
Lymarie Pérez

Carmen Velázquez

¡Statistics in waste! An action research on Project based learning Secondary A school project based on the PBL strategy was developed to analyze data gathered in fast food establishments.