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Puerto Rico Math and Science Partnership (AlACiMa, as it is known by its Spanish acronym) is a comprehensive effort of four main universities who are leaders in Math and Science education in Puerto Rico, with the PR-Department of Education together with supporting organizations that include the other 7 campuses of the UPR system, the Inter American University of Puerto Rico System, the Arecibo Observatory, the International Institute of Forestry, the PR Conservation Trust, the PR Science Teachers

Representatives from the PRMSP intitutions. Starting from left: Jorge Vélez Arocho, UPR-Mayagüez Chancellor; Rafael Aragunde, UPR-Cayey Chancellor; Cesar Rey, Secretary of Education,; Gladys Escalona, UPR-Rio Piedras Chancellor; Josefina Arce, PRMSP Principal Investigator; Antonio Garcia Padilla, President of the UPR; Hilda Colon, UPR-Humacao Chancellor; Edwin Hernández, UPR-Arecibo Chancellor; and Pablo Rivera, Undersecretary of Education.

Association, the Mathematics Teachers Association of Puerto Rico, and the Corporate Alliances for Education, among others. PRMSP has formed four regional partnerships that cover the whole island, to work directly with M&S teachers and school and district personnel in the implementation and evaluation of challenging research-based curriculum and assessment to optimize M&S education for 305,000 students in 584 K-12 schools. The Partnership is developing new professional development and credentialing opportunities for M&S teachers, and will reform Teacher Preparation programs reaching over 3,000 future K-12 teachers to ensure they are highly qualified to implement and sustain the PR-MSP educational improvements.

Teams of teachers, faculty, and researchers will design curricular activities that incorporate field trips that use the local context as science laboratory, and engage students as active learners, enhancing their motivation and preparation for M&S advanced courses and research opportunities. Teams of teachers and faculty will carry out action research on student learning to provide scientific evidence on the effectiveness of their innovations in the classroom.